2023 Distance Championship - Samoa

Samoa travel information

Flights - Airlines from LAX to APW

  • $1800 - $2300 depending if you want luggage included and or to choose your seat.
  • Most of the flights leave late and Apia is a day ahead so you arrive two days later.
  • Air New Zealand (goes to Auckland then backtracks to Apia).
  • Fiji Air (goes to Nadi then backtracks to Apia).
  • American (goes to Honolulu and then Apia through Fiji Air) Weekly direct flight from HNL to Apia on Thursdays.

Car Rentals

  • They drive on the left side. 
  • Average $65-72 a day.

Other Information

  • Cash is king, very few places take credit/debit cards.

  • Most cell phones work but check with your carrier.

  • Must bring bug spray.

  • Cannot drink tap water.

  • No Visa needed but need to have more than 6 months on your passport from the time you arrive.

  • Bring all medications.

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