With the 5 Mile time trial fast approaching, here are a few tips and some important reminders:

1) Get Some Rest!  Do your time trial after a rest day. The day before your time trial, get plenty of sleep, eat properly and have plenty of fuel in the tank! The more rested you are, the harder you will be able to push while staying  in ZONE 3.

2) Be calm - many people freak out during time trials and place way too much pressure on themselves when they do these. The tip is if you are amped up and have had too many Red Bulls, coffee and emotional stimulants, your heart rate will jack up and you will end up going slower.

3) You MUST use the reporting document to send in your time trial!  If you do not use the document properly you might as well not do the time trial. 

4) Know your Zones. By now, you should have a good grasp of what your zones are.  The test is to report an average heart rate that shows you stayed in zone 3.  That being said, you may find yourself at times in zone 4. That is ok,  just don’t stay there too long or you may end up with an average that doesn’t show you in Zone 3.

5) If you have questions, email and call now! Do not wait until the day you plan to Time Trial.  Good luck and see you all on the water!

Elite V6 5 mile time trial in Zone 3 - Submit by 3/17/2022

Elite V1 500m time trial- Submit by 4/14/2022


Changes to our Elite Coaching Program

Due to the number of paddlers in the Elite Team crews, it was determined that a targeted and singular source of coaching information was the best path forward for the USAORCA Elite Team. The London 2022 event will have just one V6 Elite Coach - Paolo Ameglio.

Second, we would like to thank Diane Kadolph-Ray for her willingness to serve as the Elite Team Assistant Coach these past several months. We wish her the best in her future paddling endeavors.

February & March 2022 Workout

Long Slow Distance in Heart Rate Zone 2/3. Two Days in a Weighted Canoe: +10-20 lbs.

2-3 Days per Week

  • 6 x 8:00 minutes with 2 min rest.
  • Keep your 8 minutes in HR Zone 3.
1 day per week - Broken Ladder
  • 10 min warm up.
  • Repeat the following steps 5 times:
  • 1 min on max effort zone 3, 1min active rest.
  • 2 min on max effort zone 3, 1min active rest.
  • 4 min on max effort zone 3, 2min active rest.
  • 2 min on max effort zone 3, 1min active rest.
  • 1 min on max effort zone 3, 1min active rest.
  • 2 min passive rest.

Interval / Sprint work - Once a week after a day of rest.

  • 10 min warm up get up to zone 3'
  • Repeat the following steps 5 times:
  •  1:00 min all out with 2 minutes (1 min active + 1 min
    non-active) recovery.
  • Repeat the following steps 2 times:
  • 8:00 minutes in Zone 3 with 2 minutes of active recovery.
  • 10 min cool down.

Push Endurance - 1 day per week.

  • 60 to 90 minutes for a good weekend paddle

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