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2023 Distance Championship - Samoa


The USAORCA race committee and the newly appointed head coach for USAORCA, Paolo Ameglio, have met, reviewed all the applications and selected a crew in each age category whose data best supports their bid to represent Team USA in Samoa.

 19 and under (girls)   Lanakila OCC
 19 and under (boys) Lanakila OCC
 Open women  Dana OCC
 Open men NAC/Lanakila
 40s women  Lanakila OCC  
 40s men Marina del Rey
 50s women  Dana OCC 
 50s men Marina del Rey 
 60s women Lanakila OCC
 70s women Outrigger Santa Cruz

To support USAORCA’s efforts to build the best crew in each age category, one strong enough to bring home a medal in 2023, there will be trials set for free agents. Paolo, the host coaches and the race committee will help set guidelines for free agents who may wish to challenge for a seat ( (this includes those paddlers who applied for the same age category and were not picked).

Event details
IVF Distance Championship 2023 - samoa
august 10 - august 19, 2023
Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) grounds on the waterfront in Apia

Age Categories

After consideration from our hosts – Samoa Outrigger Canoe Association the following age category will be held at the event:

  • Junior 16 (Minimum age 11) (reduced distance)
  • Junior 19 (minimum age 14)
  • Open (minimum age 16)
  • Master 40
  • Master 50
  • Master 60
  • Master 70 (reduced distance)
  • Master 75 (reduced distance)
  • Master 80 (reduced distance)
  • Para (Mixed V6, reduced distance)


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